The Linguist Institute - Washington, D.C. is a woman owned business which provides language teaching, testing, cultural awareness, translation and interpretation services. The Linguist Institute aims at enhancing learning of foreign languages and providing a full immersive linguistic experience. Language classes are offered to individuals and companies interetsted in learning one of the critical languages we offer: Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Levantine, Tunisian Arabic, Dari, and Pashto as well as one European language: French. We offer in classroom sessions as well as online classes to all levels.


  • We use language and culture materials that help with speeding up the learning process.
  • We tailor our curriculum to learners' needs to help them learn languages better and faster.
  • We care about excellence! That's why, our language classes are taught by native speakers who are professional linguists and former Fulbright Scholars.
  • We offer a flexible schedule with evening and weekend classes at our downtown Washington, D.C. location or your office, private tutoring, as well as online classes on demand.
  • Number of students does not exceed 8 per classroom.


We currently offer regular classes in: Modern Standard Arabic, Levantine, Egyptian, and Tunisian dialects, French, Dari and Pashto. We also have two intensive summer Arabic programs for both adults & Kids (check out our courses menu for more details).

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: Along with classes and office hours, we organize a variety of cultural activities that aim to enhance the students’ familiarity with culture and society in the Middle East and North Africa. 


Regular Classes

Session I: June 4 - July 6

Session II: July 9 - August 8

Intensive Arabic Programs 

Session I: June 4 - July 6

Session II: July 9 - August 8

Special Session: August 13 - August 24 (for kids and parents)

(202)599-4681 | info@linguistinstitute.org